Rehband X-RX Wrist Support

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The X-RX Wrist Support is an open-grip wrist support especially suitable for power sports. Provides optimal stabilization and impressive comfort. The semi-flexible strap offers individual adjustment and extra compression.


  • Gives support, compression and warmth to the wrist area
  • Increases blood circulation, relieves pressure, and improves muscle coordination
  • Provides pain relief and stabilizes the wrist
  • Sold as a single unit
  • Selection includes options for the right or left wrist


  • Wrist: instability, hypermobility and impingement syndromes
  • Over-exertion and soft tissue overload in the wrist area
  • Wrist pain, inflammation, wear and tear injuries.

The X-RX Wrist Support is sold as a single unit with options for either the right or left wrist.

• Machine washable (40 °) | Laundry bag is recommended | Air drying only