Super Human Whey Isolate Protein

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Flavor: Hulk Milk

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100% Whey Isolate Protein, 28 servings, Alpha Lion

Superhuman Protein by Alpha Lion is a pure Whey Isolate protein and is ideal for a post-workout protein or anytime throughout the day as a delicious snack to ensure protein needs are met.

On top of providing 25 grams of high quality un-denatured whey isolate per serving, Superhuman Protein has a clinical dose of Velositol at 2000mg dramatically increases protein synthesis and also increases insulin response to the higher range of normal. This increase enhances amino acid intake into muscle and initiates muscle protein synthesis. Superhuman Protein also contains Aminogen, a patented blend of digestive protease enzymes designed to improve protein digestion and increase amino acid levels absorbed from dietary protein.

On top of a quality, fast-digesting, lactose-free form of whey, you're key muscle-building facilitators, the stuff you need to ensure all 25 grams of protein is being put to maximum use!

Regardless of the type of training you practice, there’s one thing you likely emphasize over all else: growing better and stronger! In order to do that, recovery must be given a huge amount of attention. Recovering from tough training session isn’t always as easy as we’d like, but there’s one thing that controls how well your muscles rebuild, and that's quality protein! Quality protein offers a plethora of benefits and is an absolute must for any athlete. Some of the benefits include promoting satiety or the feeling of fullness which is beneficial for athletes who are often fueling their bodies for long stretches of time or trying to achieve weight loss, boost the metabolism, helps maintain your muscle mass and prevents muscle wasting, and helps prevent muscle breakdown and build and strengthen muscles. Timing of protein intake is especially important for athletes or anyone trying to build muscle. Exercise, especially resistance training, stresses the muscles. Quality protein after a workout helps repair the muscle breakdown that has occurred and further builds upon that muscle.