A Black Magic Supply x Panda Collaboration Pre-Workout, 40/20 Serving
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Flavor: Kiwi Apple

Kiwi Apple
Blue Shark Gummy

Our newest limited edition is finally here with a black magic supply x panda collaboration! This hard hitting high stim high pump formula nothing short of spectacular. This ultra premium, loaded pre-workout is slammed with fully dosed ingredients that will deliver you your best workouts to date.

This limited edition collaboration pre-workout is the first of its kind. It boasts the highest dosages for stimulation and pump. This pre-workout is completely unmatched when it comes to the dosages used and the formulation derived to provide you with the best workout experience ever!

  • Fully dosed ingredients

  • Wicked pumps

  • Enhanced endurance¬†

  • Insane energy

  • Tunnel vision

  • Explosive flavors


Ingredient Profile

10,000mg Citrulline- Muscle Pumps, Blood Flow, Nutrient Uptake

350mg Caffeine Anhydrous- Continuous Sustained Workout Energy

600mg Alpha GPC- Tunnel Vision Focus Allowing You To Blast Through Your Workout

100mg S7- Added Pump Factor To Create Better Muscle Pumps

508mg VasoDrive AP- Added Pump Factor To Create Better Muscle Pumps