The MVP of Pumps Stack

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SkyWalk (Flavor): Red Wave

Red Wave
Smart As Fk
Peach Rings
Purple Haze

King of Pumps (Flavor): Orange Sherbet

Orange Sherbet
Guerrilla Blood
Rainbow Pop

MVPre 2.0 (Flavor): Rocket Pop

Rocket Pop
Roadside Lemonade
Jungle Juice
Gusher Blast
Watermelon Lemonade
Candy Necklace
Sweet Apple Razz

Nootropic Pump Pre-Workout Stack

This stack covers all the bases: a pump that will last your entire workout plus a smooth combination of stimulants bringing insane focus and energy to crush it. šŸš€

TheĀ Formula šŸ‘‡

Ā¼ Myoblox, Skywalk + Ā¾Ā  Innovapharm,Ā MVPre + Ā½ Chemix, King of Pumps*

Can be taken mixed all together or for the OCD nut....

SuggestedĀ use timelinešŸ‘‡

25 minutes pre-workout: King of Pumps / 5 minutes pre-workout: Skywalk + MVPre

*Scoop size based on the serving size provided for each particular container.