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Fat Incinerator, 90 Servings, Savage Supps

Tired of fat burners that leave you to jittery and nauseous to even get through you day let alone training session? Introducing savage shred a fatburner, energy ,diuretic and focus pill all in one!

Specifically formulated to give you exactly what you need to stimulate fat loss and add an untamed advantage in your training sessions! Designed specifically to dominate and take your goals to the next level. Take a look for yourself …

Orchilean 50mg- Orchilean also known as Cymbidium Goeringii Extract is an adaptogenic herb derived from the Noble orchid a flowering plant used in traditional medicine in China, Nepal and Northern India.

In it’s natural form Cymbidium Goeringii is a botanical tonic that can greatly improve the body’s ability to increase energy levels and adapt to stress.  

Orchilean works to help the body adapt to various stressful challenges such as those during high intensity training or environmental stressors including pollutants and toxins.

Specifically, Orchilean stimulates and replenish the energy of cells and bodily systems that help regulate our state of homeostasis; by doing so we can adapt accurately to stress increasing our physical and psychological endurance and resiliency.

Orchilean also contains a biological peptide known as Cymbidine-A a highly potent vasodilator and diuretic; in addition it also contains an antioxidant known as Gigantol that works synergistically with Cymbidine-A to induce increased nitric oxide release.     

In this way, Orchilean works to enhance performance by improving stroke volume, blood flow and increasing nitric oxide production to help deliver more oxygen and nutrients to working muscle tissue during training.