Thermogenic, 30 Servings, Afterdark Supplements
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This formula is designed to formula is designed to help you burn fat, increase energy, and boost your metabolism.

  • Helps to Boost Your Metabolism: Pyrodex includes natural ingredients that increase calorie burning throughout the day.

  • Increases All Day Energy: Compounds that help to increase energy by giving you the boosts you need through the day.

  • Safe & Legal for Men and Women: Created with all natural ingredients clinically proven to be safe and effective at burning fat and increasing energy levels.

PYRODEX is a tool of transformation, a gateway to a new version of oneself. It's a journey into the abyss of the body, where the darkness of excess is burned away by the flame of discipline. With each capsule, each breath, you feel yourself shedding the weight of the past, the burdens that held you down for so long. But beware, for the path to transformation is treacherous, and the demons of temptation and doubt will try to pull you back into the abyss. Only with the strength of will and the fire of determination can you rise above and claim the body and mind you deserve.

  • strong stimulating effect
  • strong thermogenic
  • diuresis effect
  • appetite control
  • improved insulin sensitivity