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Flavor: Blueberry Pomagranate

Blueberry Pomagranate

Sleep aid & Support, 30 Servings, KLOUT


Taking PWR OFF helps you, un-plug and de-stress after a long day or late workout. This product is a pharmacist formulated and scientifically designed sleep aid to improve the rate at which you fall asleep and the speed at which your body reaches R.E.M. Do you ever feel like your pre-workout is lasting a little too long from your evening workout? if you need something to take the edge off and help you fall asleep on time, have better workouts the next day and improve muscle growth and recovery.

This is where PWR OFF comes in. PWR OFF works mostly by providing the “inhibitory” neurotransmitters L-Glycine and GABA. Some of these amino acids and extracts have a “secretagogue” effect in that they can elicit the release of growth hormone from the pituitary. Additionally, PWR OFF works to promote increased anabolic processes such as muscle breakdown recovery and promote higher rates of protein synthesis. Additionally PWR OFF helps to improve daily cognitive function such as mental acuity and information retention.