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PROSTATE Full Spectrum

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PROSTATE Full Spectrum

Black Series, 4 Week Supply, VMI Sports

Prostate Full Spectrum helps to address the most important factors regarding prostate health - supporting healthy testosterone levels, maintaining prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels and fostering healthy prostate size & cell structure. Each serving of Prostate supplies research-backed nutrients that can also help inhibit inflammatory factors that can affect your prostate and can promote healthy urination.

  • Full Spectrum Prostate includes several ingredients which are all-natural, safe & may help to support prostate function.
  • In addition to helping promote prostate health, beta-sitosterol may help to support healthy hormone production in men, as research indicates it may also help inhibit aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase.

SUPPORT HEALTHY PROSTATE FUNCTION: Prostate Full Spectrum helps support healthy testosterone levels, maintain prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels & foster healthy prostate size & cell structure.

INHIBIT PROSTATE INFLAMMATION: Each serving of Prostate Support supplies research-backed nutrients that help inhibit inflammatory factors that can affect your prostate & promote healthy urination.

PURE EXTRACT FORMULA: These capsules contain all-natural & safe extracts including Boswellia, Saw Palmetto & Beta-Sitosterol, which research shows may also support healthy hormone production in men.

RESULTS DRIVEN SPORTS NUTRITION: VMI Sports was formed in 2012 for one reason: to create essential, performance oriented sports nutrition supplements that deliver results & help you meet your goals.
VMI PERFORMANCE: Our supplements are formulated for every type of athlete, from competitive bodybuilder to health enthusiast to weekend warrior who wants to perform better than they did yesterday.