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Maximized Turmeric 46x

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Maximized Turmeric 46x

Maximum Strength, 500mg, 60 Capsules, Vibrant Health

Max Turmeric 46x supports cardiovascular, intestinal and joint health while providing antioxidant protection against the effects of aging, athletic performance, surgery, and some environmental pollutants. 

  • 46 times more bioavailable than 95% curcuminoid standaradized extract (most common on market)
  • Supports digestive health, liver health, healthy aging and skin health
  • 100% plant-based   

The pinnacle of potency: 46 times better absorption.

Turmeric 46x and Maximized Turmeric 46x contain curcuminoids, which are bioactive pigments that give turmeric its bright orange color. Curcuminoids have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to support digestive health, liver health and skin health. Turmeric 46X delivers 250 mg of extract of turmeric root in each capsule and Maximized Turmeric 46x delivers 500 mg per capsule. 46x means these products are 46 times more bioavailable than 95% curcuminoid standardized extract of turmeric.