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Project Ad Mass Chaser muscle gainer
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Mass Chaser Muscle Gainer

Muscle Gainer Protein Powder
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Flavor: Chocolate


Fuel your muscle growth with AD's Mass Chaser, the game-changing mass gain formula delivering a whopping 500 calories per serving. Mass Chaser mixes smoothly with just 4oz of water, providing ultimate convenience without compromising on taste. Add Mass Chaser to your arsenal and stay ahead of the competition as you run rampant on your journey to massive gains.

  • Game-changing 500kcal per serving mass gain formula

  • Zero bloat or digestive issues

  • Mass Chaser mixes with just 4oz of water to ultimate convenience

30 Scoops Per Bottle

Getting swole isn’t rocket science. You progressively lift heavier sh*t and increase the amount of calories you consume to fuel growth.

The first part comes naturally to most with the right attitude. It’s fun smashing PR’s on deadlifts, squats and bench each week – that’s a given. But force-feeding yourself calories? That sucks, and it’s not exactly fun when most of the formulas on the market taste like dog crap. Until now.

AD’s Mass Chaser is a genuine game-changing formula. 500 calories per serving, without the bloat, clumped up mess currently dominating the market. It’s smooth and mixes seamlessly with just 4oz of water, and is genuinely delicious.

Don’t believe us? Feel as though you’ve been let down by too many people in the past? You mustn’t know Project AD well enough. We only make claims when we back our sh*t up.

Across the world, we guarantee that Mass Chaser has real implications for the convenience crowd seeking a quality source of protein, carbohydrates and fats with minimal bloat and added crap.

It’s packed with whey protein, delectable MCT oils for healthy fats, and easy-to-digest glucose sources that are solely focused on growth.

Stay ahead of the chasing pack Add Mass Chaser to your arsenal and run rampant on your competitors.