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Condemned Labz Humaslin Supplement Facts


Insulin Optimizing/Glucose Support Formula
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HumaSlin is the ultimate carb-compliment for athletes looking to maximize their anabolic window, accelerate recovery, and limit fat gain.

The new formula is more effective, we added a clinical dosage of 500mg of Berberine which is a huge addition to the efficiency of the product. We also added a more versatile form of Digest enzymes. The old version was focused on just carbohydrate and starch break down. We realize most people aren't having carbs by themselves, so we incorporated a more complete form of Enzymes that break down protein, fats and carbohydrates making the formula that much better


  • Supports glucose disposal and utilization

  • Promotes muscle fullness

  • Enhances glycogen replenishment

  • May help combat fat storage

  • Aids nutrient partitioning