Dark labs Flame extreme pre-workout formula
Dark labs flame extrem pre-workout formula label

Flame V3 Pre-Workout

Ultimate Pre-Workout Matrix
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Flavor: Blueberry Lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade
Refreshing Watermelon
Rainbow Candy

Flame V3 Ultimate Pre-Workout Matrix by Dark Labs® is a euphoric stim matrix loaded Pre-Workout with 2 forms of caffeine (citrate & anhydrous), Eria Jarensis,  Naringin and Alpha Yohimbine. This is not a Pre-Workout for beginners or for the faint hearted.

  • Delivers Relentless Energy

  • Extreme Focus

  • Unmatched Aggression & Performance

We also did not neglect PUMPS with Flame Pre-Workout, we added 1500mg of Agmatine Sulphate to help give you the feeling of muscle fullness and vasodilation. The PUMPS in FLAME are so powerful and this will be not only evident in the gym but outside in your everyday life.

Flame is a jam packed 25 serving Pre-Workout.

Flame Promises to Deliver

  • Intense Energy

  • Intensity

  • Long Lasting Energy

  • Mood Elevation

  • Focus

  • Euphoria

  • Increase Strength Output

  • Increased Workout Capacity

  • Above and Beyond Vascularity

Ingredient Profile

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