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Black Series Estrogen Blocker, 90 Capsules, MuscleSport

Total Hormone Optimization

  • Enhance Testosterone Levels
  • Control Cortisol
  • Reduce Estrogen
  • Restore Natural Endocrine Function
  • With KSM-66® Ashwagandha & SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine
  • 30 Servings

Hormones are the most impactful molecules for augmenting body composition, performance, many other bodily attributes. Estrogen is one such hormone that, when increased, can cause bloating and swelling, altered sex drive, mood swings, weight gain, and even other unwanted effects. Unnatural estrogens are becoming more widespread in the modern world, and natural estrogen levels can increase as a result of certain environments or other physiological stressors. Some of which also increase cortisol, the stress hormone, further disrupting natural endocrine function, and reduce testosterone. Estro-X™ was designed to combat high estrogen levels, restore optimal testosterone concentrations, and manage cortisol.

  • KSM-66® supplementation helps increase testosterone in men and reduce stress & cortisol in both men and women.
  • Green Tea helps maintain more active testosterone levels by reducing its excretion in the urine.
  • SerinAid® reduces cortisol and helps manage physiological responses to stressful situations.
  • Atractylodes Macrocephala acts as an aromatase inhibitor, reducing testosterone’s conversion to estrogen.
  • DIIM helps detoxify estrogens, limiting their ability to stimulate estrogenic effects.

Estro-X™ is an all-in-one formula sure to improve levels of all three of these key hormones.