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5% Nutrition


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10 Creatine System, 30 servings, 5% Nutrition

  • Muscular Endurance

  • Facilitate Muscle Growth

  • Zero Loading

  • Ten Muscle Pathways

Creatine is easily the most proven and researched supplement of all time. That’s why Rich Piana Crea-Ten is here to raise the bar and take one of the most proven ingredients a step further and focus on what type of creatine and combinations of such hit you hardest. Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, and that’s why the 5%er lifestyle is all about perfecting what is already great.

With 10 different types of creatine, Rich Piana’s Crea-Ten will raise the bar and leave you with no doubts that you have the best. It doesn’t stop there either, as Crea-Ten has 8 different ingredients in it specifically as added extra assistance to ensure your muscles can successfully uptake the creatine into your muscle. These ingredients are transporters and ingredients that greatly increase your body’s ability to soak up creatine deep into the muscles.

Don’t miss out on muscle energy, explosive style power, extra reps, heavier weight, cell volumization, and muscle energy by taking anything but the best…Rich Piana’s Crea-Ten.


Consume (1) Serving Size scoop mixed with your favorite beverage of choice immediately after working out ONCE A DAY. On off-training days, it can be taken any time of day. To capitalize on the benefits of the Insulin Mimickers and Creatine Accelerators, consume with simple sugars. Crea-TEN can be mixed and used in conjunction with KILL IT pre-workout and/ or ALLDAYOUMAY 5% Nutrition products.