Chemix Pre-Workout V3

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Flavor: Blue Razz

Blue Razz
Strawberry Watermelon
Rocket Pop
  • Muscle Growth And Recovery
  • Peak Performance Formula
  • Explosive Energy And Focus
  • Incredible Strength
  • Easy Mixability
  • Amazing New Flavors 

With so many new innovative products and unique ingredients that came out the last 2 years since the inception of Chemix, we felt that it was time to make a few changes to our initial pre-workout product. Chemix PreWorkout V2.0 is still an ultra-premium product that will help you destroy every workout, however we decided to make the entire line stackable and able to be used together for maximum performance in the gym.

With the addition of the nootropic which has some extremely beneficial compounds in it to take before you train, we decided to take some of those ingredients out of the pre-workout and make it a more well-rounded pre-workout that can be stacked with the nootropic without having the very earthy taste of those ingredients! Without further ado, here is the brand new, fully comprehensive and stackable with our entire Chemix line Pre-Workout:

At first glance, you’ll immediately notice there are several new ingredients to round out the new, more comprehensive formula. We listened to YOUR feedback about V1.0 and what you liked and didn’t like and tried to make the best possible combination of new ingredients and NEW FLAVORS!

We added a full 6g of L-Citrulline to each serving, noticeably missing from V1.0 in order to increase vascularity and pumps during your workouts. L-Citrulline is one of the best ways for your body to increase nitric oxide(NO), the molecule that is responsible for increasing blood flow to your muscles and giving you that crazy pump everyone wants in the gym.

Next, we added a copious dose of one of my favorite ingredients, betaine anhydrous. Betaine not only helps clear harmful by-products like homocysteine from your body, but also is what’s known as an osmolyte: a compound that helps attract and bring water molecules into your muscle cells for hydration and cell swelling.  This, in turn will allow your body to train longer and harder in the gym, as well as getting those beautiful, yet painful pumps from engorging your body with extracellular fluid.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” This is the reason why I kept the 3g of GlycerSize in the formula! GlycerSize uses a patented technology to spray on glycerol, the backbone to all fatty acids to a carrier in order to make it a powder form that can be used in all pre-workout powder formulas. Older products had to relay on using glycerol monostearate(a long fatty acid added to glycerol in order to make it a powder from, however GlycerSize has solved that problem. GlycerSize not only fills your muscles with water to induce a state of hyperhydration, but also can create massive pumps!

*HydroMax was not used for this product since raw material powder of GlycerSize (GycerPump) was more free flowing.

We also DOUBLED the dose of Lion’s Mane Extract, one of my all-time favorite cognitive supplements that can allow your body to fight mental fatigue. Lion’s Mane has proven to have a plethora of health benefits during training like the removal of a toxic plaque in your brain known as b-amyloid, as well in the increase in production of Nerve Growth Factor and improve cognition. This pre-workout was designed to hit on angles of performance, both mental and physical.

One of the most underused choline sources in my opinion is dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE.  This choline precursor can increase levels of acetylcholine in the brain, your body’s excitory or “wake me up” neurotransmitter. The main benefit of DMAE is that it can readily cross the blood-brain barrier, unlike other ingredients like choline bitartrate.

Of course, I included my favorite stimulant blend to make sure this product hits your hard and provides long-lasting energy.  I used two different types of caffeine, as well as some of my favorite stimulants like higenamine, N,N-dimethyl phenylethyl citrate(a strong stimulant that releases dopamine to give slight euphoric feeling, and as well as some of the hard-hitters like theophylline(naturally extracted), alpha yohimbine(the version that doesn’t give you anxiety and jitters) and the extremely powderful N-isopropylnorsynephrine.  I won’t give out exact doses of the Exothermic Energy Amalgam, but I will say it definitely will hit you extremely hard in the gym by increasing your monoamines like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. 

The main thing is that you can now stack all of our Chemix products together for the most insane and focused workouts you have ever had!