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Shredabull Untamed

Extreme Stimulant and Competitive Leaning Complex
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50 Capsules Per Bottle

Shredabull 2.0 is designed to incinerate bodyfat from every conceivable angle while suppressing harmful cravings and stabilizes your appetite, all while providing unparalleled energy levels to maintain intense performance.

  • The groundbreaking, best-selling fat blitzing formula from Project AD, Shredabull Untamed incinerates bodyfat, curbs harmful cravings and supercharges your energy levels to make dieting a breeze.
  • Contains 3 intricate matrixes that melt stubborn bodyfat, manages your appetite and delivers insane swathes of energy.
  • Perfect for athletes dieting and trying to maintain optimal energy levels, as well as individuals looking to shed bodyfat rapidly while retaining muscle.

Two words that haunt every gym-goer, bodybuilder and general average Joe across the land. Decades into the game, nobody has officially ‘cracked the code’ for a groundbreaking weight loss that truly helps you take control. That’s until Shredabull Untamed came along. The original formula was such a success, it sent shockwaves throughout the sports nutrition world.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and general stay at home body conscious individuals constantly had us scrambling to keep up with stock due to its potency. The feedback was overwhelming: insane energy, crazy weight loss within weeks of usage, and powerful appetite control.The science behind the formula was rock-solid. We believed in it, and the results spoke for themselves (from you guys). However, we thought we could upgrade it. So we did.

Shredabull Untamed 2.0 has taken the potency of the original formula and amplified each of its 3 powerful blends to the next level. The new formula contains higher quality extracts, improved dosage balancing, and improvements where possible to take advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Weight loss will be amplified, rest assured. Energy will still be insane. Appetite will be controlled. The biggest change overall? Your body will be more primed for better results. Innovation drives AD, and we want all our customers to be elite. The new Shredabull Untamed 2.0 helps you take control of the weight loss process, rather than letting it control you.

F*ck Average, Be Elite.


The original Shredabull formula has been our most successful product, ever. So you're probably wondering "Why fix what ain't broke?". The simple answer is: we thought we could do better. And if you know AD, you'll know that's the lifeblood that drives our business. Shredabull Untamed 2.0, therefore, has been taken back into the lab, and amplified with all the original elements of the best-selling formula still intact! However, optimized for even better results. We've tweaked each matrix ever so slightly to deliver more insane energy, better appetite control, and ultimately unparalleled weight loss. Enjoy the upgrade - you deserve it.

Ingredient Profile

Let’s cover these 3, crucial components and how Shredabull Untamed can help:


For far too long, lame fat burners on the market have relied on hefty dosages of caffeine to not just induce thermogenesis but also act as a lousy way of increasing energy levels. This strategy is outdated.

Flagging energy levels are one of the prime reasons most diets ultimately fail. Once your mood plummets like a stone and your strength drops faster than a Lambo, you’ll soon abandon your efforts and resort to comforts and say “I’ll do it right next year.”

Shredabull Untamed is taking things up a notch and has you covered.

The inclusion of Caffeine Anhydrous is paired with the revolutionary new stimulant known as 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA), which delivers unbelievable swathes of clean, powerful energy whilst simultaneously suppressing damaging cravings.

The addition of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is the cherry on the cake for combating fatigue & maintaining mental altertness throughout the day.

It’s fair to say the first frontier on the battlefront has been activated. You’re now mentally prepared and ready for war, so what comes next?


The big one, baby.

Shredabull Untamed contains an awesome, furnace-powered blend of White Willow Bark Extract, Cayenne & Higenamine to get the party started, but it’s the addition of Yohimbine HCL that really gets the pulses racing.

This powerful compound has the ability to target stubborn bodyfat receptors in addition to mobilising fatty acids, making it a truly innovative way to combat those problem areas that have riddled you for years.

Mobilising all these combatants against your stored bodyfat is where the true action happens, and once thermogenesis is fired up like a turbo-charged engine, we’re ready to move on to the final component of Shredabull Untamed’s illustrious formula


The final component of war on bodyfat eventually comes down to this: are you willing to respect the grandmaster that dictates how the battle will eventually play out? Better yet, are you committed to tackling him to finish the job once and for all?

Your thyroid gland often ends up being the forgotten about topic in this contentious subject, but Shredabull Untamed realises how crucial this factor is.

Our intricate Thyrocharge Complexℱ combines the two renowned ingredients for treating an underactive thyroid in Bovine Thyroid & Guggul Lipid PE Extract to ensure its functioning optimally at full capacity.

Alas, the full spectrum of fat loss is covered, and like clockwork, Shredabull Untamed works 24 hours per day to ensure you’re constantly mobilising these stubborn fat cells whilst seamlessly preserving your energy levels and performance.

Fat Loss is a multi-faceted battle that requires strategic planning, decisive action, and intelligent afterthought. Keep Shredabull Untamed in your arsenal, and win not just the battle, but dominate the war on bodyfat.