Multi-Pathway Fat Burning Stack

If there are multiple ways to burn body fat, why not go after all of them?

This is “Not Your Typical” Fat Burning Stack!

This Shredded Rx exclusive stack targets fat burning from three different pathways to maximize efficiency in your results. Keep reading for the tailored recommendations for men and women. 


1st Pathway: AR1500, FreedomPharma

“AR1500” is a well rounded fat burner. It will increase your core temperature to burn excess calories, curb your appetite and speed up your metabolic rate. It also has two powerful ingredients that will mimic anaerobic and aerobic activity. It will take your stored fat and utilize it as energy so you will burn body fat as you move around throughout the day!


2nd Pathway: GDA, Chemix Lifestyle

When excess carbohydrates that aren’t used for energy linger around, they turn into triglycerides. These triglycerides will likely get stored in fat cells. A GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent) takes those excess carbs and shuttles them into to muscle to be used as muscle glycogen. Build muscle rather than store fat!

“GDA” allows your body to utilize the hormone insulin more efficiently. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body as it’s responsible for the uptake of glucose and amino acids into the skeletal muscle tissue. Muscle is built on protein and carbohydrates. When used appropriately, carbs are not the enemy! “GDA” is for those moderate to high carb meals. There is no set daily dose, so you can carry it around with you and take it as needed.


3rd Pathway: E-Xstane, Innovapharm

The average fat burner burns body fat everywhere.  An anti estrogen on the other hand will target visceral fat in the most stubborn areas.  High estrogen levels will cause you to store body fat around the midsection, love handles and thighs.  “E-Xstane” will lower your natural estrogen levels which will spot reduce body fat specifically around those areas!

High estrogen levels will also cause you to retain water weight and make you feel boated!  By lowering natural estrogen levels with “E-Xstane”, you will excrete that excess water and reduce overall water retention. 

Being that estrogen levels are at their highest in the evening, it is best to take this product while winding down at night.  Nip that estrogen in the butt at the right time, literally! 

Stay lean and dry!

How do I take this stack?


***Personal advise- Do not exceed “AR1500” past 2 months, “E-Xstane” or “Estro-X”  past 3 months***