Fat Burning Workout Stack

Have you ever seen a fat burning Pre-Workout?

If not, it wouldn’t be that hard to find one.  Well at least it seems that way.

Although most of these products are marketed as pre-workouts that help burn fat, it is rare that they are as effective as they claim.  If you are truly looking for a fat burning Pre-Workout, you’d need to stack some things together. Here’s the low-down👇

A fat burner (Enduralean) by itself lacks the ingredients at the necessary dose to maximize the body’s physiological response to exercise.  One of the downsides to stimulants is that they restrict blood flow which will inhibit the ability to be put into an anabolic state. Adding a non-stim pump pre-workout (Hydraulic) to the mix will help counteract this by expanding the blood vessels.  This combination will….

  • Crush your appetite 

  • Raise your core temperature to burn excess calories

  • Speed up your metabolism 

  • Increase muscular strength and endurance 

  • Increase nutritional uptake 

Another great way to burn fat while supporting muscle growth is to sip on Amino Acids during your workout. Metaphorically speaking, Amino Acids are like post digested protein.  Every protein molecule is comprised of a specific ratio of Aminos.  After the body breaks down protein, it distributes the Amino Acids it was comprised of.  And unlike protein, Amino Acids have no calories and absorb much faster!

How to:

1.) Mix the pump and fat burner together and consume right before your workout. Most labels say to consume up to 30min prior but the reality is that it kicks in rather quickly.  You also have to consider that the first 10-15 minutes of training is typically a warm up.  This way the pre will fully hit your system as soon as you start to really get busy!

2.) Mix one scoop of Aminos for each 16 oz of water you will be consuming throughout your workout.  Sip on them during your workout so they can feed your muscles as they are craving these building necessities. 

This stack is optimal for fat burning and revving up your metabolic rate. 🔥

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