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Versa Gripps®


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Versa Gripps® are Patented & Proven as the # 1 Most Advanced Training Accessory.  Gracing the pages and front covers of top fitness magazines, Versa Gripps® are used by athletes, celebrities, and professional sports teams all over the world.

MADE IN THE USA. Authentic, Patented, Self-Supporting Versa Gripps® Eliminate grip fatigue and enhance muscle isolation in pulling & pushing exercises for maximum muscle gains.

Versa Gripps® eliminate the need for gloves, lifting straps, wrist supports & hooks ALL IN ONE.  Versa Gripps® Empowers All Athletes to Train Better® .  Proven as Absolutely, the Best Grip in the World 


Pro Series Sizing Chart:

  • X-Small: 5 - 6"
  • Small: 6 - 7"
  • Regular/Large: 7 1/8 - 8"
  • X-Large: 8"+

Versa Gripps Outperform Gloves and Lifting Straps Anyone who lifts weights knows that grip strength is often their weakest link. Whether performing high repetitions with lighter weight, or low repetitions with heavier weight, an unsupported or unprotected grip can result in having to cut the routine short, or even dropping the weight. Versa Gripps are the key. They provide the ultimate mind‐muscle connection that enables the weight to be an extension of the user’s arm, effectively eliminating grip fatigue and failure.

Ingenious Design Gloves, lifting straps, and hooks have been around a while and all have limitations. The sleek, cutting‐edge design of Versa Gripps replaces the need for any other product. They provide the support required for all pulling and pushing exercises, as well as the protection provided by gloves. Versa Gripps offer superior wrist support and palm protection for all pushing exercises. The quick‐release feature makes it safe and easy to let go of the weight immediately when necessary. Unlike lifting straps that cut off blood circulation and can cause nerve damage, Versa Gripps have a funnel‐shaped design that allows the weight to rest at the base of the hand so as not to restrict circulation. They also have a unique built‐in arch support to help prevent carpal tunnel and injuries.

Preferred by athletes at every fitness level and proudly made in the USA. Train Better with Versa Gripps.