Shredabull Non-Stim Sweat Stix

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Shredabull Sweat Stix

Non Swim Fat Loss & Water Loss, 24 Servings, Project AD 

Do You Like To Push Boundaries?!

We do. Shredabull Sweat Stix is going to push you as you’ve never been pushed before. All from the palm of your hand, no water or mixing required, no artificial nasties, and a taste that will blow your mind!

Ever had one of those incredible workouts, where you’re smashing your personal records, performing your best, and you’re just in the zone’ and chalking up win, after win, after win. When you finish that final set and you’re drenched in sweat, heart racing, and buzzing with motivation. When you feel THAT good, and you’re crushing every single one of your goals…

Ever wished you could trigger that exact winning feeling, on-demand, with something so simple?

The fact is, most fat loss and physique conditioning are won by a battle over mind and motivation, that pushes your bodies to the extreme. If you can control your mind and thoughts, you’re committed to winning and nothing will get in your way. Imagine throwing in a switch, that you could activate on demand – a switch that shifts your physical and mental state into that winning mode. Extreme action for extreme results.

Well, you’re about to experience the EXTREME, with Shredabull Sweat Stix.

Just one small, delicious, pouch, directly on the tongue, and you’re melting! Literally. MELTING FAT! Remember that workout where you’re drenched in sweat and WINNING, well now you can activate that on-demand – and you sure will SWEAT!

WIN WIN WIN with the combination of  ShredSweat Complex & ShredBiome Complex – our combined formulas developed for optimizing mind & mood, ramping up your metabolic furnace as you’ve never experienced before, and topping it all off with our foundational gut health enhancement formula.

Your furnace has never burned so fiercely.

One packet is all it takes – prepare for the EXTREME.

Cutting Edge Innovation
All in the palm of your hand - no water or mixing required