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Country Life

Realfood Organics® Prenatal

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Realfood Organics® Prenatal

PRENATAL DAILY NUTRITION®, 90 & 150 Tablets, Country Life

• 800 mcg DFE of whole food folateº
• 18 mg of whole food iron
• Gentle on the stomach

With Vegan D3, Organic Biotin + Concentrated Extracts

Here at Realfood Organics®, we love farm stands and supporting our local farmers and food artisans. It’s the beauty of the freshly picked vegetables, the seasonal fruits, and the friendly smiles that keep us going back. It is this inspiration that led us to craft Realfood Organics®, a line of tailored multivitamins and aloe vera made from real foods.  We source only USDA organic ingredients to share with you, what we would feel good about feeding ourselves and to our families.  Good supplementation begins with real fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts and legumes.
From field to tablet
A whole food supplement as close to its natural state as possible.  The finest, organic whole foods are selected, and transformed into a unique Realfood Organics® blend.

Step 1: Field cultivated according to USDA standards
Step 2: Probiotic culture as the fermentation base
Step 3: Fermented and Freeze-Dried to concentrate the blends
Step 4: Blended into powder
Step 5: Tablet for convenient every day multivitamin use