Loco RAINBOW HAZE™ *Limited Editition*

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RAINBOW HAZE™ *Limited Editition*

Limited Edition Pre-Workout, 36 Scoops, MyoBlox


A colorful spectrum of performance optimizers, MyoBlox® creates its newest Generation of our limited edition, Rainbow Haze!

Utilizing top shelf nootropics, neurotransmitter synthesizers, and the best psychoactive compounds to grant a considerable mental advantage during times of intense physical exertion, allowing you to push harder and longer! Rainbow Haze™ is a fun and powerful fusion from limited editions we have created in the past year. Delivering what the pre-workout genres lack, Rainbow Haze™ is a formula dosed according to each ingredient and the effective amount it took to make it actually effective. – It is that simple. Enhance focus, explosive endurance, muscle fullness and smooth energy without the crash with Rainbow Haze™.