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Shredded Rx

Professional Grade Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Block

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Professional Grade Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Block

Gymnastics, Weight Training, Rock Climbing, Shredded Rx

Perfect product when you need a great grip with reduced friction, Cramer Gym Chalk comes in less-mess white block form. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, this is the real deal Magnesium Carbonate used by Professionals everywhere. Less messy than powdered chalk, as you can always crush between your fingers to desired granularity, this size is perfect for the training room or gym.

  • Improve grip for gymnastics, weight lifting, rock climbing and many fitness activities
  • High quality chalk comes in portable 2 Ounce packages
  • Get your hands extra dry with the professional grade, highest quality available
  • Natural mineral for absorbing sweat
  • Not the same as sidewalk chalk or baby powder