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OxyElite Pro

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OxyElite Pro

Weight Loss Aid, 90 Capsules, USP Labs 

OxyElite Pro is one of the Best Selling and Most Effective Fat Burners of All Time! While it was discontinued for a while, it's now back and people are excited. This is an all new formula created to give you the best and fastest results and deliver intense energy and maximum fat loss. If you're looking to lose a few pounds, or get cut and shredded, OxyElite Pro has properly dosed and proven ingredients to get the job done. Grab yourself a bottle today and be one of the first to try the all new formula! Introducing to you, yet again, USPLabs Oxyelite Pro!!


  • Super Powerful Weight Loss Aid
  • Featuring Geranium Extract
  • Powerful Long Lasting Energy
  • Provides Tunnel Vision Focus