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Fat Destroyer, 90 Capsules, Static Labz

Cayenne Pepper (500mg) contains powerful antioxidants and is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. Cayenne extract helps support heart and cardiovascular health and can help ease digestion. Cayenne can also aid in increase fat oxidation by increasing your internal body temperature.

Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg) provides the immediate kick in the ass you need to get in the gym and get to work! Caffeine anhydrous is fast-absorbing and highly-stimulating resulting in demonstrably greater energy, focus, and motivation.

Green Tea Extract 50% EGCG (100mg) is a well-studied fat loss supplement noted to increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure during exercise and at rest. Green tea extract may also boost athletic performance (helping you train harder to burn more calories) as well as decrease body fat and waist circumference.

Higenamine (50mg) activates the “fight or flight” by increasing production of noradrenaline (norepinephrine). Higenamine enhances fat burning during a workout and adds that “little something extra” that missing from all other products.

Synephrine (50mg) is a natural substance for fat burning that is found in plants and used in Chinese medicine. Synephrine functions as a powerful metabolic booster, mobilizing stubborn areas of body fat and raising your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories.

Theobromine (50mg) naturally occurring in dark chocolate, theobromine offers smooth longer-lasting energy to support the fast-acting and intense stimulation of caffeine, 2-aminoisoheptane, and eria jarensis to create the perfect stimulant blend of intense, sustained energy that keeps you energized all day long. Theobromine also improves insulin sensitivity and promotes vasodilation, supporting greater nutrient utilization and cardiovascular function.

Grains of Paradise (25mg) pungent spice rich in a number of fat mobilizing compounds, noted to boost energy expenditure, calorie burning, and brown fat mobilization encouraging faster fat loss. Grains of Paradise also exerts a prominent thermogenic effect supplying the intense heat wave you’ll feel when using OxyBurn.

Black Pepper Extract (15mg) improves the bioavailability and absorption of the other fat burning compounds in OxyBurn and also exerts some fat reducing and lipid lowering effects.

Yohimbine (10mg) this alkaloid stimulates the CNS, increases motivation, and (most importantly) inhibits the body’s natural fat-storage mechanisms allowing for increased fat burning and weight loss

+ added ingredients for focus and drive!