LOCO® CINCO XO *Limited Edition*

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LOCO® CINCO XO *Limited Edition*

Limited Edition Pre-Workout, 36 Scoops, MyoBlox


With this specific release we wanted to focus on the elements that we had included in last years limited XO / Cinco editions from the flavor to the ingredient amounts in each scoop. While we have made our pre-workouts more "clean" in the sense of focus and energy analogs to induce a smoother feel as well as mitigating the "pre-workout crash" transition, we have also added in one of our special ingredients Nivadren™ which is notable for supporting laser focus, providing acetylcholine protection and a long lasting euphoria.

Hand numbered and hard to come by worldwide.

The limited edition LOCO Cinco is here! The Cinco De Mayo version of this premium pre workout has arrived in an amazing Sherbet Margarita flavor free of any artificial dyes. LOCO Cinco features an amazing formula with multiple different stimulants along with Beta Alanine and Citrulline for endurance and pump.

This limited edition of Loco Cinco promises to provide energy, focus, pumps, and performance increases. You’ll get a stronger kick than the original Loco. Loaded with a mix of L-Citrulline for increased blood flow, Beta-Alanine for longer lasting strength and endurance, Taurine for performance, and the Loco Cinco Matrix highlighting energy and focus ingredients.

This premium formula is available in the Sherbet Margarita flavor. No artificial dyes. Completely natural.


  • High energy and laser focus
  • Increased blood flow
  • Loaded with performance optimizers
  • Limited edition
  • No artificial dyes