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Chemix Lifestyle


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Tri-Carb Blend, 20 Servings, Chemix Lifestyle

  • Muscle Growth And Recovery
  • Tri-Carb Blend
  • Enhanced Endurance 
  • Easy Mixability
  • Amazing Flavors
The Guerrilla Chemist is back with his newly formulated, science based Intra-Workout Training Formula. Using his wealth of knowledge and research, this comprehensive formula takes endurance and recovery to peak levels with each and every serving.

Chemix Intra-Workout is a Tri-Carb blend that not only helps boost endurance but it also aids in rapid recovery, cell hydration, volumization, as well as maximizing anabolic response during every training session. This one of a kind Intra-Workout formula is loaded with Trademark ingredients like Cluster Dextrin, Creapure, and Calci-K to ensure that you maximize each and every workout to its fullest extent.

Not only is Chemix Intra-Workout superior to other formulas on the market but it can also be used simultaneously as a post workout formula when your workout is finished.

Research shows that training for duration's as short as 30 minutes can deplete glycogen levels up to 40% while training sessions in the 60-90 minute range can deplete glycogen levels significantly more. Chemix Intra-Workout used during the post workout window can help replenish glycogen stores and kick start the recovery process the right way.

Enjoy the delicious taste of Chemix-Intra Workout in amazing flavors like Orange Tangelo and Wild Apple Melon available now from Chemix.

Ultimately, this product was made to fight fatigue on every level, including replenishing ATP, providing quick and slow-releasing carb sources, removing ammonia, and hydration. This is unlike any intra workout on the market with brand name ingredients at clinical doses to help you train longer and harder in the gym.