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Digest Keto

Fat & Protein Digestion, 60 Capsules, Enzymedica

  • High potency lipase and protease to break down up to 44g of fat and 20g of protein*
  • Probiotics to promote a healthy microbiome*
  • Supports quick digestion for keto diets*
  • Relief for occasional gas, bloating & constipation*

Get the most out of your keto diet with digestive enzymes.

With high-potency lipase and protease enzymes to break down fat and protein, Digest Keto provides relief for occasional gas, bloating and changes in bowel movements common to the keto diet.* In addition, Digest Keto helps digest up to 44g of fat and 20g of protein.* This helps your body to absorb all the goodness from what you eat, supercharging your diet.

When you put the right things in your body, you’re empowered to be your best!