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BZRK Blue Voodoo Punch *Limited Edition*

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BZRK Blue Voodoo Punch *Limited Edition*

Pre-Workout, MyoBlox

UNLEASH A Blast Of Flavor With Our Brand New Blue Voodoo Punch Limited Edition BZRK Pre-Workout Dropping This Halloween! 🧟

Our Brand New Limited Edition Pre-Workout Comes With A Limited Edition Formulation As Well As Our Limited Edition Flavor Blue Voodoo Punch.

Each Bottle Of BZRK Blue Voodoo Punch Packs 400mg Of Caffeine Per Scoop, NitroRocket, And A BLAST Of Other Ingredients Like 10 Grams Of Citrulline Malate To Help Deliver WICKED Pumps To Make Every Workout Your BEST. 💪☠️