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Aqua Biome Fish Oil, Sports Performance

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The Optimal Omega Blend, 60 Softgels, Enzymedica 

With Quercetin Phytosome® for sports performance and the ultimate ratio of omegas, Aqua Biome +Sports Performance is a fish oil for all of you.

Created for your whole body, this perfect blend of DHA, EPA and DPA omega-3s uses the latest science and technology to bring you the best benefits of fish oil with none of the usual contaminants. Created via sustainable methods, every bottle also contributes toward saving our ocean's coral reefs.

Quercetin Phytosome® is a clinically studied ingredient shown to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and improve performance after exercise.* The perfect combination for those looking to up their game!

  • Quercetin Phytosome® helps you exercise harder and recover faster*
  • 1200 mg of the utimate omega blend, including the Missing Omega, DPA
  • Every purchase contributes toward saving our coral reefs
  • Promotes proper digestion, healthy energy levels and a balanced mood*
  • Supports immune system, cardiovascular, brain and joint health*
  • Tested for 130 contaminants and heavy metals

What makes Aqua Biome™ the cleanest, most potent fish oil out there?
We wouldn’t be able to bring you the benefits of DPA, along with the purest fish oil out there, without our breakthrough manufacturing process. Through our “Targeted Molecular Enrichment Technology” (TMET), we overcome the disadvantages with other methods of concentrating fish oils, including stripping out the all-important DPA. In addition, TMET provides unparalleled removal of lipid peroxides, heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants. This unique process produces purest fish oil on the planet.

Quality control testing on our fish oil exceeds industry standards and includes:

• Lipid peroxide and secondary oxidation products measuring the amount of damaged fats.
• Testing for over 300 environmental contaminants including dioxins, PCBs, pesticide residues and other toxic compounds.
• Strict measurements of heavy metals including lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury.

Our fish oil exceeds all quality control requirements for fish oils as expressed by government organizations (FDA, Health Canada, European Union, TGA, etc.), the World Health Organization, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and trade organizations (iFOS, GOED, etc). The bottom line is that there is not a higher quality fish oil on the market.