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Alpha5, Natural Anabolic, Alchemy Labs

  • BEST NATURAL MUSCLE BUILDER. Alchemy Labs is known for pushing the envelope for what is possible from natural supplements like ALPHA5. This natural muscle building supplement helps accelerate muscle protein synthesis, muscle growth, and recovery from hard workouts.
  • BEST SUPPLEMENT FOR MEN OR WOMEN. Alchemy Labs ALPHA5 is the best laxogenin supplement on the market for men & women both looking to transform their physique! ALPHA5 used the highest quality 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin on the market today with 98% purity!
  • MANUFACTURED IN HOUSE IN FDA REGISTERED FACILITY. Unlike 99% of every supplement company in the world. We manufacture our own products to secure the integrity of each supplement. The sad fact is most companies never test their products nor know exactly what is in it. NOT GOOD. Our business model allows us to use the HIGHEST GRADE ingredients in each product like ALPHA5 and know exactly what is in each and every serving that we produce.