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Why choose The Meal Kitchen?

THE CLEAN WAY TO EATOur Meals use only fresh, all-natural ingredients that are calorie conscious and packed with healthy proteins and low carb veggies. The Meal Kitchen’s prepared meals are perfect for the gym-goer looking to support a healthy lifestyle with clean eating, or for the health-conscious family who is short on time but refuses to resort to fast food.

Not only are our meals undeniably delicious and good for your health, but they are also USDA, FDA and SQF certified. Founded by a team of innovative, unconventional butchers, we have cooked up the perfect recipe for success. With a loyal following of patrons at our test kitchen in Roslyn, all of our meals are debuted at our store front first. Only our most popular dishes make it out of the test kitchen and onto The Meal Kitchen menu for those who want what’s delicious, while staying nutritious.



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